This is a story about the meaning of identity and community -- but it is also an allegory and a rollocking adventure. It is a sequel to the novels of the Angel Mountain Saga, set at about the same time as the Jane Austen novels. Those who are familiar with the series will find some characters and settings that they know and love; but this story ranges far more widely, taking in episodes set in the industrial districts of Merthyr Tydfil, and in Paris. It is a story of an elderly lady who calls herself Susanna Ravenhill and who lives far more dangerously than is recommended for someone of her age. She has a dark secret to hide, and she is pursued relentlessly by a group of armed men. One day they will catch up with her............ This story was not originally marketed as Volume Six of the Angel Mountain Saga, since Martha was supposedly in her grave at the end of Volume Five. But there is more to life and death than meets the eye, as the writers of that famous TV serial Dallas discovered many moons ago. Brian enjoyed writing this one -- he calls it a "fairy story" and in the course of the narrative, for a nice change, nobody actually gets killed.......

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Guardian Angel by Brian John, Greencroft Books, 2007,  ISBN 978-0-905559-86-5.

A5 paperback, 256 pp, £6.99.

Published 28 October 2007. 

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