In 1999, on a holiday flight to Gran Canaria, Brian was affected by aerotoxic syndrome and spent 12 hours seriously ill, in a state of delirium. Over the course of a single night he was wide awake, and the strange narrative of the life of Martha Morgan of Plas Ingli flooded into his head.  He heard her voice and picked up on everything -- the characters, the events, the places, the detailed conversations, the loves won and lost, the killings, and the laughter. Afterwards, it stayed inside his head. There was no need to invent a story -- it was revealed as a narrative told in the first person. But Brian then had to learn how to tell the tale and how to interpret it for readers and viewers. Nothing like that has happened before or since, and he still finds the whole episode very spooky. Maybe it was magic. Whatever else it was, he prefers to treat the 8-novel “On Angel Mountain” series as a gift, which has now been passed on to more than 100,000 readers.