This is a story about rehabilitation following trauma -- and also a story about the triumph of love over adversity. The heroine is the incorrigible, impetuous, compassionate and very imperfect Martha Morgan. This tale is set in the year 1810, and follows hot on the heels of the story recounted in Sacrifice. An ex-slave is shipwrecked on the shore of Skomar Island, and two strange objects found on his person end up in the possession of Mistress Martha Morgan of Plas Ingli. This leads her to involvement in the anti-slavery movement and into very grave personal danger as her own enemies have to be rescued from a man who has a very sinister mission..... In this tale there are some new and eccentric characters, including Beau Brummell, General Sir Thomas Picton and the Princess of Ebersdorff, and Martha strays far away from home. Brian is delighted by the response from readers to this book, which brings in new themes and new characters -- and which takes a swipe at the reputation of one of the great historical figures of Pembrokeshire.

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"Conspiracy of Angels"by Brian John, Greencroft Books, 2012, ISBN 978-0-905559-93-3.

Book 8 in the Angel Mountain Saga

A5 paperback, 352 pp, £7.99.

Published 9th April 2012. 

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