Guardian Angel

Did Martha die on the summit of Carningli, or did she not?  A manuscript is discovered, written by an elderly  lady who calls herself Susanna Ravenhill.  Whoever she is, she  lives far more dangerously than is recommended for someone of her age. She has a dark secret to hide, and she is pursued relentlessly across Wales and onto the continent by a group of armed men. Their leader vows that one day they will catch up with her, and indeed they do.  But things are not quite as they seem, and  there is more to life and death than meets the eye.  Somehow, she is protected by a little boy called Merlin, whose fate is intertwined with hers.  Finally, the mysterious heroine has one task to perform -- she must, quite literally, save the mountain of Carningli from a plan that threatens its existence and the dafety and security of the people who live around it.

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